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Friends of Theatre Coppell: I wish I had new, definitive information about Theatre Coppell’s plans to reopen; however, things seem to change almost daily. All I can do is wait and make assumptions and tentative schedules that may or may not have to change. You may have noticed that Theatre Coppell is in the same position as professional theatres -- even Broadway. We cannot start performing until audience members are comfortable sitting side by side and actors can safely move around the stage close to each other. Actors wearing masks wouldn’t make for very good shows. Theatre Coppell is unique in that our reopening also depends on our new home, the Coppell Arts Center, which has additional city restrictions. Just recently the city announced that any formal grand opening activities in the Center will not take place until May 2021, which is ten months away. However, this does not mean that we couldn’t perform in there earlier, since only formal ceremonies are delayed. Some local amateur theatres are attempting to host online performances. This is very expensive, and there is still the concern of actors being close together to record a performance. My latest tentative schedule for our theatre includes opening “Little Shop of Horrors” in February 2021. After that, our new season would proceed with five other shows, concluding in the summer of 2021. Of course, this depends on an extensive improvement in the pandemic. I am resolved not to reopen until our audience and actors can be safe. In the meantime, I plan to keep our actors and patrons informed. Thanks for your continued patience and support. Wheelice (Pete) Wilson, Jr. Executive Director Theatre Coppell





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