Oh, we had our eye on a new Arts Center decades ago!

Updated: Jun 13, 2021

By Wheelice Wilson, Jr.

It all started when Theatre Coppell desperately needed a new place to perform. Originally performing in the high school starting in 1987, the theatre’s schedule was starting to conflict with a growing drama department. That’s when, in 1999, the city renovated an old fire station on Moore Road that eventually became not only a home for TC but an Arts Center for other arts groups as well.

By 2015, it was time to make our move: Either expand and improve the existing structure or build a new one. Joined by the other arts groups which had organized into an Arts Council, the theatre campaigned and got the unanimous approval of the City Council to construct the new Coppell Arts Center in Old Town. Far from being just a theatre for us, the building will house all the arts – performing and visual – and will be a destination for all Coppell residents to share.

Our first show in the new center will be Little Shop of Horrors in July. We’ve come a long way and, as our Mayor has said, “It’s about time!”

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